What is Computer Forensics?
Computer forensics is the application of computer data investigation and analysis techniques utilized in the process of identifying potential evidence.  Potential evidence might be sought in a wide range of computer crime or misuse, including but not limited to theft of trade secrets, theft of or destruction of intellectual property, and fraud.  Computer forensic specialists can draw on an array of methods for discovering and analyzing data that resides in a computer system, or recovering deleted, encrypted, or damaged file information.  Any or all of this information may help during discovery, depositions, or actual litigation.
Electronic Discovery
Define clear objectives for the discovery process.  Develop effective discovery demands based on the client's needs.  Determine the optimal balance between legal and technical strategies.  Execute a case-specific plan for discovery quickly and cost-effectively.  Identify precedents and assist in motion development.


Evidence Processing
Restore, search, filter and consolidate, data, emails, and files from virtually any type of media including hard drives, backup tapes, CD-ROM, floppy disks, and Zip disks.  Eliminate any potential for spoliation by making forensic bit-stream copies of all hard drives.
Skilled investigators know where to find evidence and how to manage it through proper chain-of-custody practices.  Specific methodologies help insure the investigation is verifiable and repeatable.  Expert investigators skilled at acquiring and developing evidence from hostile and friendly environments.  We ensure rapid evidence delivery via our proprietary forensic software and practices.


Password Recovery
Netteck's team of forensic specialists can recover passwords from protected files and systems.  We use several state of the art tools and techniques to access password protected files and hard drives.  Using our extensive library of software, techniques, and decryption resources, we will assist you in recovering your vital data or in gaining access to your network.



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